How to Install WhatsApp for Linux on Ubuntu 2022

How to Install WhatsApp for Linux

Elvatya Tech will share how easy it is to install WhatsApp on Linux Operating System and also Ubuntu Distro and Linux Mint, for those of you Linux users don't worry if you want to install WA. Because you don't always have to use WhatsApp through, because there are so many advantages if you install the software. 

What are the features that WhatsApp software has? First you can make calls and also video calls through the WhatsApp software that has been installed on Linux. There are still many features that can be used, here is how to install WhatsApp on Linux.

Install WhatsApp on Linux via snaps :

The first thing you have to do is activate snaps or snapd, the software support of snapd will make it easier for you to install some of the needed applications including WhatsApp. The method is quite easy to run the commands below on your Ubuntu or Linux Mint, then don't forget to enter the super user first by running the command "sudo su" then entering the password of your Linux username. And continue with the following command:
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install snapd

To install WhatsApp for Linux, simply use the following command:
$ sudo snap install whatsapp-for-linux

Install WhatsApp for Linux on Ubuntu

That's an easy way to install WhatsApp on Ubuntu Linux that you can try. As usual, if there is anything you want to ask about this discussion, if there is an error please comment below this post.

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